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Private Premarital Sessions

Rock Your Relationship Private Premarital Sessions – Cost: $430.00 Includes service fee

Private Premarital includes the same content as the group classes with some exceptions – you pick the days and times that you want to meet and you set the pace of fast or slow. Meet weekly, every other week or once a month, the choice is yours. Another great benefit is that you’ll receive more one-on-one than a group class and it’s more customized to the specific needs of the couple. That means we can "go there" and talk about more challenging areas in the relationship. We find that private premarital is especially favored by couples coming together in a second marriage and blending families, couples that prefer more privacy or those who work crazy schedules or travel for work and need greater flexibility. There are numerous scheduling options when it comes to private premarital. Most couples choose the standard format of four sessions of 2 hours each, however, this can be customized to go faster by selecting to do three sessions of 2.5 hours each. The frequency of these sessions can be weekly, every other week, once a month, or whatever schedule fits your lifestyle best. We recommend that you start premarital 6-8 months prior to your wedding date so you can apply and use the skills you learn before you marry. Couples love the after-work hours that are available, which are 5:05-7:00 pm or 7:05-9:00 pm TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY.  

We provide for 7 - 8 hours of class time. Homework provides another 4 hours and your online Prepare Enrich assessment counts for one hour. You will learn all of the key relationship skills that are so important to a successful marriage – skills like communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution and how to handle negative interactive patterns and fight less. You’ll love how much you’ll learn about each other as you go through the couple’s exercises and complete your weekly homework together. Each couple will be provided with two Couples Workbooks that you bring with you each week. You will have homework assigned that you will complete and bring to your next session. After the third session, each couple will be emailed a link for taking the online PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. This 24 page report provides an incredibly accurate picture of the strength and growth areas in your relationship and will be reviewed in depth during your final fourth session.

If you wish to purchase additional sessions at the end of our time, we offer a special rate of $100/hour.

To schedule any additional sessions, call Barbara Mackintosh, LMFT at 612-618-2205 or email Barbara at

BONUS: Our Private Premarital Sessions meet the 12-hour rule required by the State of MN to receive a certificate entitling you to a $75 discount when applying for your Marriage License, making the actual cost of your license $40.00.

When you register below please provide your FULL LEGAL NAMES: first, middle and last which is a requirement for the Reduced Fee Certificate. Your FULL LEGAL NAME, must include your MIDDLE NAME, otherwise we are unable provide a certificate per Minnesota state requirements.

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